11/6 Begin Changing Nature of Work Activity, Debrief Unit 3 Exam SAQ

Today we began investigating the changing nature of work in early industrial America (Key Concept 4.2) by introducing writing skills and documents related to the DBQ (Document Based Question).  We will work on the packet all week in class.  It is due by the end of Friday.

Changing Nature of Work in Early America Student Handout

Also, Unit 3 Exam Test corrections are now open.  They are due by the end of Friday.  You must complete them in class to receive credit.


10/29 Expansion and Foreign Policy in Early America: Lewis & Clark Expedition

Today we investigated how expansion influenced early America’s foreign policy (Key Concept 4.3) by examining primary source docs about the relationship between Lewis & Clark and the Natives they encountered on their expedition of the Louisiana Purchase.

Choose one of the points of view at the end of the packet and use at least 4 documents to gather evidence and answer guiding questions.

Lewis and Clark Expedition