2/3 Unit 7 Intro/Vocab

Historical Time Period 7 (1890-1945) encompasses American Imperialism, the Spanish-American War, WW1, the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, AND WW2!  Whew!

Begin by investigating some key terms using the graphic organizer below:

political Idealism, Political Realism, Imperialism, ‘Interwar Period’, and Great Depression

Unit 7 Vocab Intro (1)

1/30 Interpretation Study Activities

Today, students studied the topics of the “Western Frontier” and Populism as well as the skills of historical interpretation.

Read the contradicting secondary sources, briefly explain their differences, then support both sides with specific historical evidence from your knowledge.

These are due before the test tomorrow!



1/24 Key Concept 6.2 Notes

Today, students will complete guided notes for Key Concept 6.2 with the video and handout below.

6.2 Notes

AP US History Curriculum: Period 6 (1865 – 1898)

Afterward, students will choose ONE (1) of the following videos on the same page to watch and complete Cornell Style Notes on.

“New Immigration”   OR   “Tammany Hall and ‘Boss’ Tweed”

Please complete the Cornell notes on the blank page at the end of your 6.2 packet.

1/23 Chinese Exclusion and Immigration

America’s late 1800s economic and land expansion dramatically increased the number of immigrants who came to the country in a short amount of time.

Watch the video below and notice: most immigrants throughout the 1800s were coming from North-western Europe and Chinese immigration, while never very large, suddenly stops in the late 1800s.  Why?

Today, students examined why the Chinese were completely excluded from immigrating to America in 1882 even though they were never a particularly large group of immigrants to begin with.  This activity also helps students to see how all immigrants were subject to discrimination, racism, nativism, assimilation, and extra scrutiny.

Chinese Immigration and Exclusion Docs

Chinese Immigration and Exclusion Handout

1/22 Peer Edit

Using the multi-paragraph essay from exercise 6 in your ‘Age of Protest and Reform’ packet, complete the peer editing process outlined in the handout below.  You need 3 peers to edit your paper!

Turn in your ‘Age of Protest and Reform’ packet, essay, and peer edit sheet today.


1/16-1/21 Age of Protest and Reform Doc Analysis/Essay Skills Practice

For the next several days, students are examining the topic of protests and reform efforts of the late 1800s related to topics like labor movements, quality of living, and inequality.

Analyze each doc on your own sheet of paper by determining the main idea and recording textual evidence to prove it is the main idea:

(Doc link to come)

Then, complete Exercises 1-6 by following the instructions and using the docs to practice APUSH essay writing skills.  You’ll write a multi-paragraph essay on the topic of late 1800s protest and reform in exercise 6 that will be peer edited and turned in!

(Handout link to come)