3/19 Spring Break Extra Credit #1

Hi APUSHers!  I hope everyone is staying healthy and finding safe activities to keep you busy!

Here is your optional, Spring Break Extra Credit #1.  Please submit your responses by sharing a google doc with me at gbehlin@dpsk12.net before Monday 3/23.  +5/5 Test Section points!

As we have learned, the Cold War was a conflict in which the USA and USSR did not actively fight each other.  Instead, they supported warring groups across the globe in using violence against each other.  These places are sometimes known as “Hot Spots”.  Choose one of the Cold War “Hot Spots” below, research it using any online resources you want, then complete the instructions:

-The Korean War

-The Cuban Missile Crisis

-The Vietnam War

Write a 3-5 paragraph response to the following prompt: “Who was most responsible for escalating the Cold War, the USA or the USSR?”

In your response, you must include the following:

-An introductory context with at least one specific piece of historical information.  These sentences should be a different color from the rest.

-A thesis that restates, answers, and provides a line of reasoning regarding the prompt.  These sentences should be underlined.

-At least 2 pieces of specific evidence in the body of the essay that support your thesis.  These specific pieces of evidence should be a different color from the rest of the text.

-A conclusion that restates your thesis and has a counterclaim.  The counterclaim must be multiple sentences and have at least 1 specific piece of historical evidence.  These counterclaim sentences should be a different color from the rest of the text.

Have a great day everyone!