3/12-3/13 Who is Responsible for the Cold War LEQ

Today we applied our understanding of the origins of the Cold War to answer the LEQ prompt “Who is responsible starting the Cold War?”.

Begin by understanding the question: it is asking you to choose a side and defend it with a narrative of who’s responsible for this conflict.  It is a context thinking question (not causation, comparison, or change over time).

Then brainstorm: what do you know?  Specific or not.

Next, write a thesis.  See the guide below and use the sentence stem.

Now, write your introduction paragraph: Context should be the first few sentences (see the guide below and use the sentence stem) with your thesis at the end of the intro paragraph.

Continue by writing your body paragraphs.  Refer to the guide below and use the sentence stems to introduce specific evidence and connect that evidence to your thesis.

Finally, write a conclusion paragraph.  The first few sentences should be a clear counter-claim (see the ‘Reasoning’ point in the guide below) followed by a restatement of your thesis.

That’s it!

Easy Ways to Get APUSH LEQ Points