12/13 Key Concept 5.3 Notes and Study!

Today students should finish Unit 5 by completing the 5.3 guided notes.  Then, students should study!

5.3 Notes note catcher

5.3 Notes power point

Below is a list of topics to study.  Also, there is an extra credit study video/notes that students can print and complete on their own time.  It is due on finals day.  I recommend students use the library or their own personal printers for the extra credit assignment.

Study Topics: Manifest Destiny and Expansion (Mex-Amer War, trans-continental rail, Homestead Act), “Old” Immigration (north-western Europe, nativism), Causes of the Civil War (economic disparity, sectionalism, free-soil movement, popular sovereignty, abolitionists, “slavery as a positive good”, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Comp of 1850, Dred Scott, Election of 1860), Reasons the North won (Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, etc), Reconstruction (13th-15th Amendments, Radical Reconstruction, sharecropping, white terrorism).

What is due on Finals Day:
Manifest Destiny—Finals
America Expands—Finals
Doc 11.4—Finals
Slave Narratives—Finals
Freedom’s Journal—Finals
John Brown—Finals
Civil War Atlas Activity—Finals
Reconstruction Writing Activity—Finals
Ch12-15 Homework Guides— Finals

Extra Credit Study Guide:


Extra Credit Study Guide Video:

AP US History Curriculum Period Reviews In 10 Minutes!