11/22 5.1 Notes, Ch 13 Homework Guide, Unit 4 Exam Corrections, Extra Credit!

Watch the Key Concept 5.1 notes video and complete the note-catcher so you can better understand America’s continued westward expansion and attraction to immigrants during the mid-1800s.

AP US History Curriculum: Period 5 (1844 – 1877)

Key Concept 5.1 Notes

Complete the Ch13 Homework Guide over Thanksgiving Break!

ch13 Homework Guide

Unit 4 Exam Corrections:

Watch the “Period 4: 1800-1848” APUSH review video from Gilder Lehrman here:
Use it, and any other resources you may need, to write 2 well-developed paragraphs detailing each of the most commonly misunderstood topics from the exam: differences in early political parties and early southern society. Due before returning to school after Thanksgiving Break! Email to gbehlin@dpsk12.net.

Extra Credit:

Due by the end of Thanksgiving Break.  Fulfill an act of giving or service to another person or group by donating your time, money, or stuff.  Snap a pic or film a quick video (with permission) and send it to me at gbehlin@dpsk12.net.  You’ll get a 2% increase in your overall class grade!  Don’t do anything unsafe or go anywhere unsafe to make this happen!  Be kind AND smart!