10/24: 3.3 Guided Notes, Study for the Unit 3 Exam Tomorrow!

3.3 Notes

3.3 Notes

What’s due?

-Ch4/5/6 Homework Guides, Context/Vocab, Declaration of Independence, Argumentation: French & Indian War, Course of the Revolution Timeline, Slavery in the Constitution, Federalists vs Anti Feds, Docs 6.5 & 6.7

What to study?

-French & Indian War (7 Years War) as a cause of the Revolution

-Taxes, tariffs, and British laws placed on the Colonies (taxation without representation)

-Colonial Responses/escalations to taxation without representation

-Patriots vs loyalists, Colonists vs British during Revolution

-Revolutionary Ideals, their origins, significant documents (ex: Common Sense, Declaration of Independence)

-Articles of Confederation vs Constitution, compromises made to create Constitution, federalism

-Post-Revolution society: Slavery, Native relationships, ‘republican motherhood’

-Early political parties, Washington’s Farewell Address

-Early foreign policy events/issues