9/4 Cultural Interactions

Today we examined primary sources to learn more about interactions and outcomes between Native Americans and English colonists.  Then, we practiced our first Short Answer Question (SAQ) which will be graded for completion and returned with constructive writing feedback.

Jamestown Interactions

SAQ Instructions:


  • For each part (A, B, C): 2-3 sentences



  • Sentence 1: Restate and answer.



  • Sentences 2-3: Provide specific examples/evidence


SAQ Prompt (Respond to ONE prompt, you choose):

A)  Briefly describe how the Columbian Exchange impacted ONE of the following:       Society, Economy, Environment

B)  Briefly describe how the lives of Natives were impacted by English or Spanish colonists.

C)  Briefly describe how Natives impacted the lives of European colonists.