4/22 Unit 8 Test Corrections & Intro to 9.2 Collage Poster

Today we began an activity designed to help us demonstrate understanding of Key Concept 9.2: The 21st Century has brought significant technological, economic, and demographic changes to America.

Cut out images from magazines that are representative of the topics stated in Key Concept 9.2 (technology, economy, demographics).  Clearly label them and write a brief explanation of how they connect to a specific part of the Curriculum Outline for Key Concept 9.2.

Key Concept Outline 9.2

Finally, we handed back Unit 8 Exam results.  Corrections are due by the end of our Unit 8 study day (5/8/19).  You can choose to complete your corrections before then or in class.  Note: if you complete your corrections before then, you’ll have an alternate study activity for the study day.  To complete corrections: re-write incorrect MCQs in complete sentences as usual and complete the graphic organizer below for your LEQ.

Unit 8 Exam Corrections LEQ