9/11 Mini Debate

Today we finished up any notes that were unfinished from yesterday, did a practice SAQ activity (in class only, not to be turned in), and completed a min-debate (based on last night’s homework).

You have the Unit 1 Exam tomorrow!

Stuff you should know:

Differences between Native groups across North America

Nomadic, Sedentary, Irrigation, Maize

Reasons Europeans increased exploration: 3Gs, new technologies, new economic ideas

The Columbian Exchange and its effects on Natives/Europeans/Africans: population change, new wealth, feudalism to capitalism, arguments over the treatment of natives, foods, diseases, etc

European/Native Relations: Encomienda system, plantations, Spanish missions, subjugation, encroachment, etc

What is due tomorrow?

Native Group Notes, Jamestown: What Happened?, Jamestown: Interactions, Doc Analysis 1.4/1.7/1.8, Debate Prep, and 4 nights of homework notes

Don’t forget: Unit 0 Exam Corrections are due tomorrow by the end of office hours and if you want a great review of the Encomienda System check out this video:¬†https://youtu.be/Zh_syCs0Pz8