8/31 Unit 0 Exam, work turn in, and textbook/notes for Unit 1

Today we completed our Unit 0 exam.  If you weren’t here, please make sure that you schedule and appointment with me to complete the exam no later than office hours on Wednesday, September 5th.

We also turned in our work for unit 0: HTS Practice Packet, LEQ (rough draft and peer edit), DBQ (rough draft and peer edit). If you missed today, you can turn in your work Tuesday, September 4th for no penalty.  If it is turned in later, you’ll lose 50%!

Finally, I directed everyone to my google classroom where they can access the class text for the rest of the year. Use the appropriate link below:

Period 2:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0z2J8ZlaNhKfklKYlNrR0hlMExqckJMT0t2OWpYRnRxT0tGZ0IwbzZqREN4d2tsN1gxdHM?usp=sharing

Period 3:


Period 7:


For unit 1, you’ll be required to complete reading notes each night.  You’ll turn them in at the end of Unit 1.  Please use the Cornell Template in the document below:

APUSH How to Take Notes- 2018

Happy Labor Day!  See ya Tuesday!